"The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy." 

Kalu Kalu


Volunteers are an integral part of the MV Hospice Palliative Care Team working under the direction of our Clinical Director to provide a variety of services.  We have many different opportunities for committed, caring individuals and teams who would like to make a difference in someone’s life. There are no minimum or maximum hours required to be a volunteer.  Volunteers give of their time as they are able.  Some enjoy a specific day and time each week, while others volunteer for a specific person or project as needed.  Services are offered in person’s homes or in institutions, where ever the person resides so support may be provided in varied locations. Volunteers may assist in any preferred location.

For more information on becoming a volunteer call 613-756-3045 ext. 350

Direct Patient and Family Assistant / Supportive Care Team

Volunteers offer confidential compassionate support to patients and families.  Volunteers work in teams to provide early palliative companionship, respite and assistance to patients and families primarily in their own homes.  The team may follow a client from home to hospice and following death, offer bereavement assistance to the loved ones.

Special Events or Projects Volunteer

Volunteering for special events or projects offers other avenues to support the great work of MVHPC by sharing your gifts and talents - crafts, gardening, baking, small maintenance jobs, etc.

Loan Cupboard Equipment Maintenance Volunteer

Our Hospice Palliative Care Program offers equipment Loan to patients and families.  Our volunteers receive used equipment that must be inspected, cleaned and repaired before being loaned out to those who would benefit from this free service.